Multimedia production

The photo sessions are designed for producing event reportages. Supported by our long-standing experience and professionalisms, we propose product shooting for catalogues, brochures, advertising. Our skilled staff can tackle any photo reportage, even when the context is hard, like production areas and set-up. 
La nostra Produzione Video, non si occupa solo di riprese ma può sviluppare concept e storyboard. Si passa poi alla fase di produzione e infine post-produzione e color Our Video Production does not only deal with shooting but also with developing concepts and storyboards. The next step is production, followed by post-production and colour correction, in order to guarantee supervision throughout the whole process.
Our team writes, produces, directs, shoots, edits.
Quality equipment and our high-definition cameras always provide the best standards for your videos. We can cut and build your footage, adding the needed energy to existing contents. We boast the best editing programmes and cutting edge hardware fit for the task.
We love creating animated sequences and boosting videos with 2D and X, Y, Z effects and information graphic.
We are sure we will satisfy all your requirements. 



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