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We are a company specialising in the event field, proposing high quality technological service with a global and integrated approach, focusing on efficiency and competitiveness. We work on an industrial scale throughout Italy and abroad, and are able to concurrently manage a large number of complex projects. Our Customers can rely on the latest dedicated technological features thanks to our teams committed to innovation and market analysis in specific areas. We supervise all set-up stages: consultancy, development, design, coordination, and implementation.

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Day after day, we build our organisational approach, we perfect winning relational attitudes, and assert our highly qualified degree of professionalism. We invest with our Customers on their marketing and development initiatives.

Self-owned materials

We own all the technology we use, with indisputable financial and process efficiency benefits. Painstakingly aiming at research and innovation, we constantly invest in purchasing state of the art products to offer our Customers the best technologies available on the market.

Industrial expertise

Organising and managing highly complex projects involving complementary professional skills call for strong industrial-level production process management skills.

Problem solving

The complex industrial processes we carry out for our Customers require great management skills for tackling design and operative issues, which we can handle with competence, always focusing on the solution.


Care and respect for the environment are two factors that have become increasingly important in consumers' purchase choices, as well as in the stage in which our systems are developed and designed. Ordo's commitment to environmental issues, combined with growing consumption awareness, stemming from the use of ultra-low energy impact technology, is an absolute priority. Ordo has started the process for obtaining UNI EN ISO 14001Environmental Certification.


Knowledge Sharing is our business focus, and our rates are positively influenced by all the economies of scale we achieve. We are able to self-finance without resorting to medium and long-term loans, and are thus regarded as highly solvent by third parties.

Integrated approach

To ensure the workflow is consistent and synergic, we approach every single project with an integrated vision encompassing all the different actions. Organisation and efficiency are the prerequisites for an excellent and financially sustainable outcome.


We endorse a specialist and vertical attitude in areas complementary to the Events sector. Ongoing staff and technicians training, commitment to, and investment on, planning service, use of technology and groundbreaking systems, are the requirements for constantly improving our products and services.

Some of the customers that have chosen us for implementing their projects


Established in 1999, bringing together professionals from the exhibition industry skilful in design, planning, lighting design and systems. Competence, determination and enduring commitment have backed our wealth of remarkable professional achievements.
2017- We become official suppliers for Megawatt Court - SpaceMakers -
2016- We win the tender issued by Fiera Milano for services pertaining to hangings, trusses, lighting design and special electrical systems
2015- We are in the spotlight with our technological services in a number of stands at Milan's EXPO 2015, and rank second for the “Cluster” prize as System Integrator in the set-up section for creating Venezuela's stand.
2014- We open our new Turin premises in via Reiss Romoli 114/a
2013- We become official suppliers for Forte Village in Santa Margherita di Pula (CA), and establish Ordo Production in Cagliari.
2012- We are appointed as suppliers by Villa Erba in the province of Como, and by Progetto Calabiana in Milan.
2011- We design and create the electrical and technological systems at Spazi Eventi in via Calabiana, Milan.
2010- We are chosen as official suppliers for Superstudio Group in Milan.
2009- We create technological systems for the new RAI TV studios at the complex in Via Mecenate, Milan.
2008- We centralise all our warehouses at our current Pero premises.
2007- We implement the electrical and technological systems at RAI TV premises in Via Mecenate, Milan.
2006- We are appointed as suppliers by Gruppo Fiera Milano, and open the Baranzate (MI) premises.
2006- We support the leading international General Contractors on the occasion of Turin's Winter Olympics.
2005- We become official suppliers for East End Studios, Milan.
2004- We open the premises in via Mecente, Milan.
2001- We are chosen as official suppliers for Lingotto Fiere, Turin.


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