BILLIONAIRE- Polo on the rocks – Fall/Winter 19/20 – Fashion show

On Saturday 12 January 2019, inside the colonnaded courtyard of Palazzo del Senato in Milan, the spectacular presentation of the Billionaire Couture Fall/Winter men’s 2019/20 collection was staged. An exclusive setting was created for the fashion show: there was rock music and evocative plays of light, while a polo match - the sport of kings - was played in the courtyard and ended under some heavy snowfall. A non-casual combination: Billionaire is indeed the sponsor of the Monte Carlo Polo Team and the collection was strongly inspired by the luxurious sporting elegance of the equestrian world.

For Ordo, it was a question of accepting a technical organizational challenge that presented quite a few difficulties. Never before had a polo field been created in a historical building and in this context, measuring 1,100 m2, it became the largest ever to be designed in Italy. To protect the courtyard floor, we built some paving, using 60X40 cm tiles, mounted on top of nylon. Then, to create the base on which the horses would run, an innovative material was used: a plastic carpet, 8 cm high, covered with silica sand and plastic microgranules. 14 horses moved within this area, after entering from the main entrance.

The snow effect was created using 14 engine turbines and 8 pressure turbines with CO2 cylinders, used for 8 minutes during the show. The snowflakes were actually 3D paper flakes in three-dimensional cellulose, which are certified and are not at all harmful in the event of possible inhalation by the horses. The snow on the ground was made using a three-dimensional antistatic snow display, with a total thickness of 3 cm: 60 pallets were required, covering a total of 60 cubic meters.

For the lighting system, the existing structures could obviously not be touched. Therefore, we had organize 2 configurations, designed to enhance the structural and architectural features of the place with color-change projectors: one for the fashion show, with 80 floor lamps and 100 smart bats, and one for the show/exhibition. The lighting for the playing field was achieved based on a television-style concept, with 8 beam shaper spotlights used at the moment of the fashion show, which took place across the courtyard between two rows of riders.

For the audio system, it was a matter of finding a solution to the problem of reverberation, which we overcame by making an ad hoc mapping of the reverberations. In conclusion, we can say that, once again, the challenge was won.
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