Sustainability explained by E.ON Energy

Sustainable lighting, audio and video systems with low energy consumption

E.ON, an industry leader, really cares about sustainability issues and renewable energies. At the end of each year, it assesses its results and tries to make a forecast for the future: improvement is always the primary objective.
To raise awareness among the public, E.ON, in collaboration with M&C Saatchi, literally froze Milan's “Palazzo del Ghiaccio” ice rink at the end of 2016. The reason for this temporary restyling? To encourage consumers to reflect on the importance of sustainable energy and how important it is to consume as little energy consumption as possible in order to avoid damaging the environment.
E.ON held its annual convention right inside the Palazzo del Ghiaccio, with centre stage being taken by those who had worked throughout the year to achieve concrete projects and results. The spotlight was therefore on CEOs and employees during the convention, with Ordo being one of the main partners for the event’s set-up.

How did we contribute to pursuing E.ON’s objective? We installed a lighting system made up of 70 Clay Paky moving head spotlights. We then tried to organise the space in the best way possible, breaking it down into the following areas: a Welcome area - dedicated to welcoming guests - and the Meeting area, which was the real beating heart of the event. Here, we set up a curved stage where we installed an audio system made up of 2 line arrays, a digital mixer and nightclub speakers. The famous cabaret artist, Teresa Mannino, performed on this stage - in her role as presenter. Behind her, we assembled a central, LED wall measuring 10 metres wide and 5 metres high: here, we used two fixed cameras and a crew to project every single second of the event. Either side of her, there were two screens made from micro-perforated sheets: we projected the E.ON logo here, using two mobile heads.

Given the level of satisfaction with the final visual effect, we’re pleased to share the following photographs with you:
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