TEDxLakeComo: Ordo bridges the gap between speakers and the audience

Lighting, audio and video for the TEDx event at Villa Erba

One specific topic, world-class speakers, thought-provoking content and constructive discussions giving rise to new ideas and projects.

Imagine all of this and give it a name. Actually, don't. It already has one.
It’s called TEDx and it’s a one-day conference whose aim is to create a community. A real community made up of people who want to be inspired and get informed, thanks to the active participation of world-famous speakers and the showing of TED videos. Each speaker has a set amount of time available to present their concepts. The topics? Wide-ranging: from technology to entertainment, from design to science, from humanities to business and development.

On 10th November, the “TEDxLakeComo: Bridges” event was held. Bridges as a symbol of engineering overcoming obstacles. A symbol of relationships between people, cultures and populations. A link between divergent positions that can nonetheless find some common ground. A bridge that holds together the present and the future, reality and dreams.

During the TEDx event in Como, the 14 speakers, recorded through live streaming by our crew, with the help of simultaneous translators, shared their points of view on how to connect nature and technology, humans and the universe, feelings and well-being, humans and robots, schools and innovation.

For us, it was of fundamental importance to highlight the speakers, using a system of static and motorised LED spotlights for the installations on the stage and podium and around the auditorium. We wanted to give them a voice, ensuring that the entire audience could fully understand every single syllable of their speech, whether in Italian or in another language. With this in mind, we decided on a 10-metre long, 4-metre high LED wall with 2k resolution combined with a D&B line array audio system and a stage, front-fill and delay monitoring system.

The end result? We’re extremely proud of our work - take a look for yourselves in the photo gallery below.
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