Artissima: energy saving on our side

Time (to put the right lighting in place) is on our side

Artissima reaches its 25th edition: Italy’s most important contemporary art exhibition celebrates its 25th anniversary, returning to the Oval Lingotto in Turin.

Throughout all these years, Artissima has always believed in pursuing experimentation, proposing and supporting emerging and experimental artists. This year’s edition was mainly focused on the concept of time: Time is on our side – Il tempo è dalla nostra parte. On the side of those who immerse themselves in the world of art in order to be moved, to reflect and to open their minds to differences and the concept of change.

But how was Artissima XXV structured? Across a number of areas, starting from the Main Section dedicated to 94 world-famous galleries - 44 of which were foreign. There was also a New Entries section, covering 14 spaces reserved for emerging artists. And that’s not all: there was the Dialogue area, creating dialogue between works by different artists, and the Art Spaces & Editions area, displaying artists’ editions and multiples.

“Present Future” completed the range of exhibition areas: dedicated to emerging talents presenting their new pieces, designed exclusively for the exhibition. The Back to the future section was dedicated to rediscovering contemporary art pioneers. The “Disegni” wing was also present again, originally launched in 2017 to promote the art of drawing.

One of our objectives was obviously to create plays on light to enhance the works on display at the same time as highlighting each artist's work. However, our main aim in this exhibition - the first Artissima with us playing a leading role - was to ensure significant energy savings.
Did we manage? The answer is yes: for the first time in the history of the exhibition, electricity consumption was reduced by over 500 kW. However, the displays were not affected by a reduction in lighting, with an adequate level of brightness being guaranteed in terms of the intensity and colour requested by the gallerists.
Needless to say, it was an interesting and rewarding event: we worked hard, we put all of our enthusiasm into it and we managed to achieve what we set out to do. With this in mind, it is our pleasure to show you some photographs from Artissima, so you can see the end result for yourselves.
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