Reale Mutua invests on new generations

Cutting edge systems for a modern company

Reale Mutua, a leading company in the field of insurance, just turned 190 years old. Among the many celebratory events organised for the occasion, one of the latest conventions held last year involved the conferral of awards to the best-performing branch offices during 2018. Such an innovative company, continually growing and open to novelties could only choose a cutting edge location, characterised by conviviality, culture and rituality: we are speaking of Nuvola Lavazza, a place that fully embodies the principles of Italian culture.

Ordo worked on various sections of the large events area where the Reale Mutua convention took place.
We installed a scaffolding where we placed an ultra-modern mechanism capable of synchronous management of all the installed lights, 60 latest generation LED spotlights. We chose to use a cutting edge voice system, thanks to innovative technologies and tools. With regards to the audio, the microphone equipment was fully managed by our technicians.
In order to make the setting even more spectacular, we installed an open format 3.9 pace LED wall with a size of 13 metres x 4,5. Concerning the video part of the event, we fully managed the direction of all videos thanks to a broadcasting system called “Touch Design”. This is an avant-garde technique which involves the creation of an unlimited series of video layers with the possibility of amending contents in real time. A dynamic and pro-active system.
We elaborated the initial project conceived by the Milanese events agency “Sinergie Innovative”, and offered a high-level final product.
The evening involved an alternation of comedic moments and speeches by the top managers of Reale Mutua; thanks to gags by the comedian Pucci, accompanied by the Zurawsky Band, the public felt involved and was the true protagonist of the convention.

Given our satisfaction with the final visual impact, we are proud to share a small gallery of images with you:
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