APA/ART, art on exhibit in the heart of the Valentino Park

Outstanding illumination for a unique visual experience

Art in all its forms, in a succession of decorative expressions ranging from the archaeological to the modern and design-focused. And more. The event obviously featured paintings, distributed across the 36 exhibition spaces of the Fine Arts Promoter, located in the heart of the Valentino Park. The area was occupied by no less than 20 regional operators, plus further 16 from other regions, as well as from the rest of Europe, Asia and Africa.

What are we talking about? APA/ART, the market-fair which took place before the Turin art week, from October 24th to 28th, and proved capable of joining the universe of culture with the commercial domain in a picturesque wedding.

The event required our firm to supply the right illumination in order to highlight the colours and tones of the artworks. We therefore curated the lighting system of the 36 exhibition areas, with the goal of making the visitors’ experience truly unique. The focus of our work was to underline the final visual impact of the event. Every other element was to fall into the background when compared to the exhibited artworks: the lights needed to “leave way” to the true nature of APA/ART; once again, Ordo accomplished its target in functional and discrete fashion.

Here are a series of photographs from APA/ART:
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