Lineapelle: the “mirror experience” featuring all of Ordo

A game of mirrors and unique geometries of their kind

The Milan scene is filled with excitement: no official way to say the fashion week, and it’s already time to move to Lineapelle's fall/winter 2019-20 collection. The 1,308 exhibitors presented accessories, components and materials − fabrics, synthetics and leathers − that will arrive in stores for the cold season. It was a rich edition of heterogeneous customers − mainly design researchers − who recorded an increase in attendance of 2% compared to the previous ones. Origin? International: 49% of visitors came from as many as 105 countries.

At Ordo, in this context, we dealt with the creative design of some areas, in collaboration with Lineapelle's internalart designer. The queen theme of the edition was the "mirror experience": we wanted to enhance the surrounding environment with a characteristic game of mirrors. How? With volumetric patterns fixed on the background walls: the final result was a particular effect of altered images and geometries.

Our work focused primarily on the development of the central area, Hall 13; here we have installed a 4.8-meter-wide LED wall 2.8 m high, through which a fashion show was broadcast: one after the other, the top models of the fashion show were highlighted by donning garments made with exhibitor leathers. The main attractions of the exhibition space were obviously the raw materials, positioned on the exhibition tables. The goal was to enhance them and, for this purpose, we mounted a series of LED lights and mirrored panels that created an "enveloping" effect. Starting from the concept of Hall 13, we then gave provided the same lighting to all the others…but diminishing.

Instead, a different work was made for the conference room: a separate area in which we assembled an American structure, and on which we set a spotlight system. Inside, we then prepared a video projector of 7,000 lumens, through which the organization of Lineapelle presented the fair samples.

Below, you can appreciate the final result of our work:
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