Billionaire, a line of garments with a luxury, socially-élite flair

Philipp Plein takes centre stage at the Milan Fashion Week

Rich and brazen: this is the identikit of the man who wears couture garments bearing the Billionaire brand, originating from the synergy created between Flavio Briatore and Philipp Plein, the famous German fashion designer among the protagonists of the Milan Fashion Week presenting the Plein Sport line, alongside Billionaire of course.

The fashion show was held in an imaginary Billionaire Hotel, brought to life and that took shape thanks to our assistance provided during the set-up phase: the colour of the catwalk matched the couture collection and was formed using 1,030 Plexiglass tiles, painted and carved by means of a special process creating a realistic mirror-effect, all of which was topped with a 100 m2 carved mirror structure and a dashing series of Led lights, perfect for blending the shades of colour, making them dynamic.

Models dressed as industrial executives and rock stars paraded inside the fantastical accommodation facility. Different worlds and parallel universes held together by means of a common thread: the pursuit of excellence and luxury. Jetsetters donning palm-leaf print shirts, rock stars wearing crocodile waistcoats and top managers in camel leather suits entered and left the Billionaire Hotel, the logos of which were all gold-plated. In addition to these, there were bellboys pushing birdcage luggage trolleys transporting crocodile leather suitcases and a tourist wearing Sneakers with his son trotting behind him, clad in coordinated clothing. As a backdrop to the luxury, worldly catwalk, we added an extra touch of vintage and sophistication: a blown and bent glass neon sign, an artisanal work of art created by a Turin-born artist.
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